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I produce electronic music under the moniker, mellow reindeer. Through my production efforts, I channel my eclectic musical background as meticulously textured sonic experiences. My intent is mainly to create and release original music rather than actively promote my work.

mellow reindeer · Vacant

Additionally, I have a YouTube channel featuring videos of drum covers I have performed, some of which are part of an endorsement deal with Zildjian cymbals.

Check out my latest video below:

audio exploration



live coding:



First foray

I used a programming language called ChucK to develop this composition. My aim was to play and experiment with code and computer science to generate sound/music (rather than to create a particularly pleasant-sounding composition).

This piece uses three different types of oscillators to produce randomly-generated sound within set frequency ranges, but also follows established musical conventions, such as partially travelling up and down the chromatic scale.



Glitch Techno

'Glitchy' techno piece programmed by manipulating samples with ChucK. I recommend using headphones to listen to this composition as it features a low bassline.



Raga Remix

Based on Dr. Ajay Kapur's Raga Jam coded with ChucK, this piece features a programmed sitar-line, drone(s), and percussion, and uses various audio effects including delay, reverb, and pitch shift. I have composed it in the style of a Dhanasri/Dhanashree North Indian Raga (or melodic mode).




This is a composition called "Heartening" I programmed with ChucK. This piece features a stiff string instrument, modal bars, drums and percussion, a synthesizer, and a variety of audio effects. It uses both manipulated samples and program-generated sound.



Blast Beats

"Blast beats" composition I programmed with ChucK, using manipulated samples and a public BPM (beats per minute) class; i.e, "on the fly drumming with global BPM conducting." This piece is inspired by drummers like George Kollias and Riccardo Merlini, who play blast beats at fast tempos.



Simple Drum Machine with Max/MSP

One of my first creations with Max/MSP visual programming language, thanks to Dr. Matthew Wright’s excellent tutorials. I created a drum machine consisting of a hi-hat, kick drum, and snare drum. The patch is designed for the user to be able to manipulate the snare pattern and the rate of the beat, as I do in the video below.


Additive Synthesis with Max/MSP: An Exercise in Sound Design

Here I have created an additive synthesis patch, featuring four different envelopes and four oscillator types. I have also crafted some of my own presets (as seen towards the bottom right) for the values of the frequency multipliers/dividers of the oscillators, envelope shapes, and values of the gain~ objects, respectively. The possibilities are virtually endless, as one can alter the envelope shapes and multiply or divide frequency values (by floating point numbers, even), vary note duration and/or velocity, and more, to create all kinds of unique, complex, and savable synthesizer presets.

Check out the image below with all the features/patch cords, followed by the video demo. h/t Peter Batchelor's tutorials.

Additive Synthesis with Max/MSP
Additive synthesis patch with Max/MSP

Note: In the video, I am not playing a composition; rather, I experiment with and adjust the parameters of the patch (using presets I made myself) to create custom synthesizers with unique timbres, textures, and qualities. I have hidden the patch cords and some objects for neatness.


Polyrhythmic Live Coding Jam

I dive into live coding with a fun 'jam' using TidalCycles.


Macadamia (Live Coding Jam)

Another 'jam'-like composition using TidalCycles. This is a piece I call "Macadamia." This time I tried out various functions/effects including reverb, 'randomness,' and more. I encourage you to use headphones to listen.

(Note: On line 8, I made a minor error. I meant to type "psr:3*4").



Made with flin + grid.

mellow reindeer · Facsimile

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